Field Trip Time 2015 – Year 3

We have started up year # 3 of the Precision and CNC Machining Program at Suncoast Technical College.  As always we do some learning tours to see what is happening in our industry and what it takes to be in the manufacturing world.  We stopped at 2 of our founding SAMA members facilities to kick off the start of hopefully another successful class.  Above is a picture of the class at Weber MFG in North Venice – near PGT. Sam Prost is a great guy and supporter of the training we provide.  The students also get a good history lesson as they get to see older, but still very useful, Browne & Sharpe precision screw machines.

Thanks JR and Sam !

Next was another annual tour of Atlantic Mold in Venice.

100_0902     100_0884


Jennifer and Brian are great hosts. We also were checking up on two of our graduates, Stan and Cody to see how they were doing learning the mold-making trade.  Everyone is doing well. Brian and Jennifer gladly showed us about what do with mold design and manufacture and covered subjects such as high level EDM die sinker and 4 axis Wire EDM technology.

So we begin yet another year of training. These are fortunate times to get involved as manufacturing is very busy, a good time to be in school. I came into this trade in 1984 and it reminds me of those years and how busy we were. I hope these students have a similar path.

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