Getting ready to go to work in Manufacturing ………… Florida


Are you ready to have a good job?  

Do you want just a job – a dead end  job?

 or …… do you want to be interested in what you do everyday?

slide-3      You can learn a skill to be in a trade – a skill that you can do anywhere

for a long time….. and always interesting – always learning.   and…. get paid well.  You can learn this in a year for less money than college.  Especially if you are not sure where you are going after college.


We are talking about be a CNC Machinist Technician. 

The Modern machinist needs the traditional old world skills AND Computer machining skills.  We are really technicians that use all kinds of equipment and computer software to manufacture things that are needed by everyone , everyday. We DO NOT work in dirty, messy sweatshops.  We usually work in high tech, clean air conditioned shops and labs. We sometimes work with engineers on prototype development. We do work making high tech medical and surgical equipment, aerospace, defense,  precision plastic injection mold making, precision tool and die making, motor-sports (auto, motorcycle and marine),  armaments, oil drilling equipment, aeronautics, guitars, marine boat molds, …. just about everything that is made – we touch.

Personally, I was making brain surgery equipment in my 5th year of machining.  


The Cosman-Roberts-Wells (CRW)

which is the world’s leading stereotactic frame in neurosurgery,

So if this is interesting to you , now what?

  • Can I do this work – I thought you needed previous experiences or a family teacher
    • I did not need it. I used to fix my own car. I have taught people who used to work at Racetrac.  I have taught and worked with women. I didn’t learn this until I was almost 30 years old.  Some of my students are just out of high school or in their 50’s.
  • Does it cost much to go to school and what if I don’t have enough money?
    • The cost for one year ( 11 months ) is approx $5,000. It can be broken up in payments. You can also apply for grants and scholarships at the school or through CareerSource. There are also non profit groups that support training and can help you through school. We also take Vets !!  VA Bill.
  • What about a job – when can I earn a weeks pay ? 
    • We usually have people working as paid interns before the end of the training and can also help line up jobs. We have a 100% job placement rate.  We also do a one week job shadow program so that you can see different companies.  Finally we also do field trips to see a few companies in action.


We also are looking at advanced and continuing education to enhance your existing machinist skills if you want to move up the ladder. 

Machine #2       davelyn-patrick

Whats the next step???  Read our blog, do some research on jobs , visit a CareerSource Counselor or a Suncoast technical College Students services counselor, get a tour.

I always recommend watching Jeremy Bouts “Edge Factor” series on Youtube.
Edge Factor Web site –

What will you discover – Launchpoint

Start making stuff

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