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BOCC Ed Award

I am the Precision Machining Instructor at STC – Suncoast Technical College – Sarasota, Fl. finishing my fifth year. I have over 30 Years of machinist and manufacturing experience including defense, aerospace, medical and Motorsports.

I have worked at many companies such as Lockheed-Martin, Rockwell Automation, Roaring Toyz, Turbocam, Tecomet, Methods Machine Tools, HMP and various smaller job shops.  I have earned 9 NIMS National Credentials plus a NIMS certificate of Merit and have an associate certification in MasterCam Cad/Cam systems.


I grew up in the north metro Boston area and then lived in New Hampshire until 2005. Now we live in Venice, Florida and enjoy this new and different lifestyle.

I started this trade at the age of 28. I was on college track in High School in the early 70’s but did not follow through. I worked at unskilled jobs like forklift, warehouse, auto parts until I met someone who went to Boston Tooling and Mfg. school for training. This was a 4 month program that taught basic machining from the NTMA. I quit my auto parts job and after 5 months I was working as a machinist.

 Its not a job, its a trained skill that you never stop learning at. I have worked with many great people to make great products and enjoy our days together.  Now I just try to pass on what was shown to me to be able to work in today’s modern machine shop world. 

I also enjoy motorcycle drag racing and currently have a Kawasaki ZX14 that I race locally and at some nationals. I used to race an old school KZ1000 as a full blown 250 hp dragbike and raced at my local track at New England Dragway , where I won 3 championships and also have won national races. I also build and tune some other winning drag bikes and custom street bikes.


winner pic

My other hobby is playing marching snare drum in a drum and bugle corps with various groups like the Boston Crusaders Sr. Corps, Sun Devils of Florida and the Muchachos from New Hampshire. I still play occasionally and am now working on learning how to play a set of rock drums.

I hope I can answer your questions or give you an insight into the world and education of the modern total machinist.



5 Responses to About Me

  1. Thomas Thornton says:

    I’ve been thinking about a new career and really interested in cnc machining I work full time do you have night classes?

  2. Roman de Caesar says:

    We spoke about six months ago on the phone. I would like to take a tour of the school, complete my application and financial paperwork, and get started ASAP! Thank you.

  3. Erich Ryan Schaefer says:

    Hello, How would one go about a PMT/Advanced Manufacturing teaching position in Florida. I graduated from SWIC in 2009 and taught there from 2010 to 2012 and am now teaching again at an adult/career center for a local school district.

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