Become a Modern High-Tech Manufacturing Technician/Machinist


We start classes on Aug 13th.  Suncoast Technical College – Sarasota, Fla. 

In less than a year you can become a vital worker in the high tech manufacturing world.  Good people are needed to make many needed products for the medical – defense – plastics – automotive – motorsports and more. Just about everything that is made, a manufacturing technician/machinist will make.

This is a clean high tech world would very comfortable air conditioned facilities.

Earn good wages $30,000 – $55,000

Our graduates make $14 – $20 per hour after graduation.

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Maybe You are good with your hands and like to tinker.  We also like people who can do computer work to design and produce machine code to run the Computerized manufacturing equipment.  You can be trained to be a quality control inspector as well.

Our program is 40 weeks long and you will have a Career in Less than a year. You will be working on a paid internship before the end of school. You can apply for a scholarship to help pay for most or all of training.

STC donation

We train you to have a life time Career. Not just a job. I have never been without a job once I completed my school at age 26.  Plus you will never learn it all – its a constant learning curve if you want – technology changes and you can ride along with it.


So its up to you to see if you have an interest.

My dad used to say “don’t live your life with any regrets – try it to find out if its for you”



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Lead Instructor for Precision Machining & CNC Automation Educational Program at Suncoast Technical College -
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