Time for MFG Tours

Our first MFG tour was to Exactech –  Sarasota – Florida

A medical implant manufacturer based in Gainesville, Florida.    Exactech website


It was founded by a group of surgeons from the University Of Florida ( Go Gators !)     We were able to see how Titanium Implants were made for Hips, Knees and Shoulders.

Exac knee

The team at Exactech has been a great resource and last year they hired some of our top graduates.  2 of them , Mike & Jason, had passed NIMS level 2 CNC machining certifications.  Now they need more machinists as they are getting 4 more CNC machines and just brought another 5 axis on line. We also got to tour the clean room.  Thanks to Rick and the team at Exactech – Sarasota. I’m sure we will be able to supply them with interns this Spring.


MFG Tour # 2 – Choice Mold & Tool 


Next up was a tour this past week of Choice Mold and Tool – which is also connected to Oxtec LLC – a plastic injection molding facililty. They are also in transition from commercial molding to medical plastics with clean room for that industry that supplies large companies like Arthrex Manufacturing in Naples.  Choice Mold was brought on to build more plastic injection molds for Oxtec LLC and other customers. They want to take on Intern this coming spring.  Great news.  we also had some of our drafting students come along to see a modern manufacturing facility.


End of the year and Christmas Break 


We are winding down for our Christmas break, having the annual Xmas party/cookout  (well it is Florida?). We have been getting up to speed on other projects so that we can tackle proficiency in the coming months.

We are using our Verisurf to do some reverse engineering and also to test out measuring on NIMS projects before we send them out for MecTec inspections.

We also all machined a Titans of CNC 1M project as a CNC beginner setup and run job.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all 





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