Year 5 Underway – Class of 2018



Well here we are , Year # 5 and on Track to hit the 100+ mark of machinist training set by Dr Todd Bowden the SCTI director back in 2013.  Dr. Bowden is now the Sarasota county School superintendent but he checks in every now and then.


We have another great class and have completed our first semester of 10 wks.  We dig into traditional manual machining and CNC machining.  Learn how to read those blueprints , do a brush up on math and also learn technical details of all the basic processes of machining.

Now we start to add CNC programming basics and how Computer Numerical Control works.  So you have to have computer skills and hands on skills.  From basic band saw to the 4 axis CNC Haas Mill.   Later on will add to our quality control skills with digital measurement from Verisurf and the 3D gage measuring arm.


Now we set up and observe up close with our monitor and GO Pro camera setup to see up close what is going on inside that CNC machine

So we have another 30 wks to go  – and then it will be graduation before you know it.


Now we have added new projects from Titans of CNC academy – Nice…

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