Wrapping up Year 4 – Precision and CNC Machining Education


Wrapping it up ……………………………………….



Well we are headin’ down the home stretch, yet again.  The mad dash for job placement, internships, final tests and of course NIMS Certifications.

Looks like we will end up with 95 certifications for the year bring us to 285 in 3 years.  3 of our apprentices even earned a NIMS Certificate of Special Merit for having 7 or more Credentials.  We like to excel in CNC machining but still believe that traditional machining skills just make you better overall.


We also took on some new projects. We had a tailstock on our Haas ST10 CNC lathe but had never used it. Bought a nice Royal live center 3 years ago. So one of our guys Jason attempted the NIMS Level II CNC Turning project which requires a tail stock.  It was a learning curve for all including me but in the end we won.  Jason also earned that NIMS level II credential, one of only 4 in the state.

What a year !! We toured many local manufacturing facilities including very large 5 axis boat mold machining.

We got to go to Daytona 500 care of Stewart Haas racing.

Visited by MasterCam President Meghan West to see our kick off of MasterCam training evening school plus CTE training for our county High school/middle schools using Solidworks and MasterCam to design and build Balsa Wood CO2 dragsters in Techno DaVinci CNC Routers.

But all of our students were able to excel and improve skills needed in todays world of manufacture. So hold on tight as we take this to the finish Line !!!


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