MasterCam – Meghan West visit

The MasterCam educational team

visits Suncoast Technical College , Sarasota, Fla.


Meghan Summers West , president of MasterCam and Dan Newby , head of MasterCam education toured the STC Precision & CNC Machining program today. They are in town to speak at the USF Stem educators conference and wanted to see a local modern CNC machining education program in action.

Stephanie Holmquist, from HEC and USF alum, organized the conference and visit to STC.


We showed them how we teach to be a machinist in the modern machining world.

How STC is using MasterCam Cad/Cam software in our program.

Also how Sarasota County Schools CTE department are incorporating  MasterCam training into middle and high schools using CNC Routers along with 3d printing. Students will learn both subtractive and additive manufacturing


Suncoast Technical College is entering its 4th year of Precision Machining education.  A Career in (under) a year we like to say.

STC has produced 25% of the NIMS credential certifications for the whole state of Florida.

STC is also starting its 3rd year of FastTrack Advanced CNC evening school in Jan 2017 and a new 2017 MasterCam certification evening class in Feb 2017.


Thanks to Meghan and Dan for stopping by to see what we do. They all seemed to enjoy the visit and gave us high marks on our progress.

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Lead Instructor for Precision Machining & CNC Automation Educational Program at Suncoast Technical College -
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