National MFG Day Oct 7th at STC



National MFG is coming up on October 7th here in Sarasota, Florida at Suncoast Technical College. It is a celebration and awareness campaign to promote what makes America great.  Manufacturing makes it great. Nationwide we have a great need to train people for skilled trades as business has been good and many workers are retiring. So there are many opportunities for good jobs in what used to be considered a strong area in the US.

Check out what Titan has to say about the Future

For many years we have not been encouraging our young people to look at all careers. The mantra of 4 year college education being the only avenue for career direction has taken a turn. It has created a gap in supplying skilled workers in many areas of manufacturing.  Incorrectly we have assumed that all work has been shipped overseas.  Many companies like titanium hip implant companies are very busy. The defense and aerospace at always busy and all that works needs to be done in the USA. At my school I cannot fill all the local jobs to supply even local manufacturing. If we do not fill these positions we risk companies going out of business and losing manufacturing to overseas again.


Woman in Manufacturing

The good news is that we are ready and able to train people. We have many companies that have a need and are willing participants in encouraging young people of even workers who are looking for a career shift. To actually make something tangible that is needed can be very rewarding.


Manufacturing in Naples



Titanium Medical Implants

Imagine attending school for one year, get a paid internship before school end and be earning good money in the same time as entering your sophomore year at college. If you have a chance some companies will PAY for your college if you decide to go on to engineering later.  Or you can carve out a great career that is always changing. That means you can probably even get a job anywhere – high demand.

Jeremey Bout from the EDGE Factor on American ingenuity.

So lets here in for MFG Day !! Be part of what makes America great.  Suncoast Technical College will be hosting 200 Sarasota County High school and Middle school CTE students for a “Rock MFG Day” Event on Oct 7th.  Then they will be going on factory tours sponsored by Sarasota and Manatee County Manufacturing Association – SAMA.

They will see great Video stories on manufacturing from Edge Factor as well as tours of the award winning STC Precision and CNC Machining Lab.  Machining graduates of STC have earned the most national NIMS certifications in the state of Florida.

What will YOU discover?

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  1. Joy Butler says:

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