STC graduates Fast Track CNC – 2016


Suncoast Technical College – Sarasota, Florida

Year 2  Evening program – FastTrack CNC

We have just finished training 6 more machinists to learn more about CNC machining. The Fast Track CNC evening class is for experienced people in the trade who need more CNC Training. Many local companies send employees to us for more training  to advance their Skills.

This year we added instructor Tom LaGasse from Roaring Toyz. They are a famous local custom motorcycle manufacturer based in Sarasota. They have a full CNC shop that uses all Haas CNC equipment including 4 and 5 axis. Some of their bikes and products have been featured in many magazines and on TV. One creation by Rob Fisher at Roaring Toyz was even purchased by the singer Ludacris.

Some of our students have Haas CNC machinery and we were able to show them other techniques and options to take advantage of become more productive. In the last 2 years we have had machinists who were CNC Operators, former STC students and upper level CNC machinists. We have been able to help each one at whatever level they were at and whatever machines they were using.  We teach Fanuc Control using the Immerse2Learn trainer and software. We also do some reference training to other machinery like Fadal, Hurco, Mori-Seiki and Mazak.

This group was able to earn NIMS CNC credentials in operation and programming for both lathe and mill. 14 NIMS credentials were earned by this group alone.  That has pushed the school over the mark of 200 NIMS credentials earned in the last 2 years. The most for any school in the State of Florida.

We are looking to bring FastTrack CNC back again next year as well as a stand alone MasterCam certification class for evening school.






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