Made in Florida – MTC Engineering

 I needed an intricate clutch system for my Kawasaki ZX14 race bike.  So the people I turned to are the best in the business and they are from Florida
MTC Engineering Cocoa Beach, Florida.


MTC Engineering

MTC Engineering has been developing, testing, refining and producing excellent quality high performance motorcycle components for almost 50 years.  Whether it’s on the Drag Strip or Street, their products continue to be the performance product of choice for companies, teams, and individuals building the quickest and fastest motorcycles in the world.  Their high performance Clutches have been a key ingredient to help many racers win championships. 


MTC Engineering is widely recognized for Experience Driven Proprietary Solutions.  They develop advanced product performance qualities by partnering with championship race teams; to run, test, and optimize their components with feedback from track proven results. In other words, they hear what went right and what needs improving and do it now and not later.  When new products have passed all the extreme rigors of the race track, they are introduced to you, the end user, as a proven leading edge product.  They utilize the latest analysis, manufacturing and inspection technologies available to assure the consistency and reliability of their manufacturing process and to expedite the delivery of the most robust component solutions to you, with confidence.

To earn your trust and long-term confidence, they are committed to continuous improvement of their comprehensive customer service systems.  They understand that having the right product, at the right time and with full technical support is the key to establishing a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.  By working closely with their customers, they bring together the necessary inventory investments and special support services to be an effective contributor for assisting in the attainment of your goals of going fast and quick.

Eric Hochstetler is almost 50 years old (a youngster) and is a degreed Mechanical Engineer. So… how does this make him a genius at MTC Engineering, the maker of some the greatest items in the motorcycle performance world? Great question. Did you know that Eric was a Director of Engineering for an injection molding company in Florida?

No? Then did you know that Eric was originally from Indiana (in the Middle) and moved to Florida after school, moved up thru the ranks of corporate America and finally decided to go out on his own and became the proud owner of MTC Engineering that was once run by Top Fuel Racer Tony Lang? For a man who had exactly zero experience in motorcycle performance products, not only did he get a fast track learning course in motorcycles, but he turned MTC into a powerhouse of speed, quickness and just damn good performance clutches.  Eric worked hard on improving manufacturing processes and at the same time moved most every manufacturing process in house to save time and money. In these last few years of economic uncertainties, MTC Engineering has continued to grow and prosper because of the guidance and direction of Eric and his team of dedicated employees.


Eric has also made major investments in new equipment and better processes allowing for new products to be innovated and produced which allows them to stay on the cutting edge of motorcycle performance technologies.

Thanks To Tiger Racing for this reprint of his article

Well I installed this unit last night and will be testing this Saturday June 11. I have friends that rave about this MTC Gen II clutch system and I am sure I will get equal results. Being a machinist I am always interested in how things are made and show all the students.  I always show them nice machined pieces that they may make some day.

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