Precision & CNC Machining Field Trips 2016



Finished our tour of 2 manufacturing facilities in the Naples area. We also teamed up with the Machining class from I-Tech in Immokalee with instructor Ross Porter. Ross and I meet at the 2015 Haas HTEC national conference at Cal-Poly in San Luis Obispo, Ca.

The first place was Azimuth Technologies.  Len Zeisner, father and son, are always very welcoming and supportive of Machining education. They gave us a tour of this very busy facility. They have 22 Haas CNC Mills plus 20 Fanuc and Doosan Mills, many with 4th axis. They also had 14 CNC lathes and many more support equipment.

This factory only makes gun components for many armament companies.  The Zaisner’s always let us know they are looking for help, gave us many applications.

Fantastic place and everyone enjoyed it.

  Azimuth Technology Website

Next Stop was just down the street at Structure Medical – leading manufacturer of medical implant products.  Ross from I-Tech and his team at Structure had a nice lunch prepared for us before the visit.  Then we had a talk about what Structure makes and the need for trained skilled machinists for their company.

The medical machining and manufacturing business in Florida is very vibrant. Who doesn’t know someone that doesn’t have a titanium hip, knee or other internal hardware. I personally have a cervical plate.  Any way, someone has to make those items – Guess who?  Your skilled CNC machinists trained at technical schools like Suncoast and I-Tech.

Another great visit and the apprentices get to see what kind of jobs are out there. They come back to class with a new view.

Structure Medical web site


We want to thank Azimuth, Structure Medical and the class from I-Tech with Ross Porter.

I – Tech Website


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