44 Florida Technical Colleges Accept Governor Scott’s “Ready, Set, Work” Technical Center Guarantee Challenge

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44 Florida Technical Colleges Accept Governor Scott’s “Ready, Set, Work” Technical Center Guarantee Challenge

Tallahassee, Fla., November 18, 2015 – Today, after Governor Scott announced the “Ready, Set, Work” Technical Center Guarantee Challenge for all 48 Technical Colleges and Centers, 44 accepted his call to issue the guarantee. The “Ready, Set, Work” Guarantee Challenge guarantees to businesses that their workers will be ready to work on the very first day on the job, or will be retrained at no cost to the business or the student.


Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart said, “The ‘Ready, Set, Work’ Technical Center Guarantee Challenge is a tremendous opportunity for the students of Florida; they can train in a program with the confidence that their skills upon graduation will be put to immediate and effective use. I applaud Governor Scott for establishing a benchmark which will continue to improve the reputation of Florida’s workforce, both locally and nationally.”

Career and Adult Education Chancellor Rod Duckworth said, “Florida’s technical centers have some of the hardest working and motivated students in the nation. With Governor Scott’s ‘Ready, Set, Work’ Technical Center Guarantee Challenge, businesses will quickly learn that Florida is the best state to move their business. Our highly skilled graduates will serve as representatives and ambassadors to business and industry in our robust job market, furthering the strong reputation of Florida’s education system.”

Marsan Carr, Executive Director of the Florida Association for Career and Technical Education said, “I commend Governor Rick Scott and all of our Technical Center Directors for focusing on students’ future career goals and workforce training. Florida Technical Centers are some of the best in the nation, and our graduates are more than ready to take on the workforce. I am glad we can guarantee their success.”



Bill McCormick, Director of Fort Myers Technical College and President of the Leadership Division of the Florida Association for Career and Technical Education said, “We stand ready, willing, and able to deliver on this promise.  Many of our institutions have had a similar policy in place as a part of our standard practice and we welcome the opportunity to expand it state-wide. Our schools serve as a powerful network of training resources that can quickly improve and grow Florida’s workforce. We provide a return on investment that minimizes student cost and time and maximizes the use of public education dollars. Our ‘Career in a Year’ focus allows students to quickly and efficiently enroll, get trained, and go to work…that is what we are all about.”

Dr. Todd Bowden of Suncoast Technical College has accepted the challenge and we will use our NIMS credentialing program as the standard that we adhere to in our Precision Machining program to ensure that graduates are ready to work on day one.  Suncoast Precision Machining is very confident as we have a 100% job placement rate.





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