Career Edge Funders – They helped us get Started and continue……..

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Career Edge has helped get our machining education program get started while working with SAMA – Sarasota and Manatee Manufacturing Association.  They have have been tireless in helping manufacturing and getting jobs for our Manatee and Sarasota county area residents.  They funded the search to verify that our community had many machinists jobs, just had many different job titles.

The latest plan they have is to fund Apprentice Machinist interns while they continue to learn “On the Job” OJT.   This helps open the door to have our local companies participate in educating needed workers.  Now we can teach Modern Machine Shop techniques and provide companies with needed and current skills.

Manufacturing has been very busy. We have way more jobs for the amount of apprentices we produce.  That’s how busy it is.  And some say our area, south of Tampa, was not a manufacturing area – Ha.  More companies are coming. we just had a company, Ergotech, who move here from Conn. and they have hired 2 of our students already.

We would like to thank Career Edge for all the help and continued success of our award winning program.

Career Edge Funders website


Career Edge Funders Facebook Page

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