Titan Gilroy on MAV-TV talks about being in US manufacturing as a Job shop



There haven’t been any television shows on prime time that concern CNC machining. But there is one now. Cable station MAVTV, owned by Lucas Oil Products, is airing a series on the workings of a CNC job shop in Grass Valley, Calif., run by Titan Gilroy, a man befitting of his name. The show is called TITAN American Built, featuring the latest automation technology running big jobs of complex metal parts at high speeds on tight deadlines.

The show, filmed at Gilroy’s shop, Titan America, just might be good enough to be a hit, potentially with a production run that will last more than a 13-episode initial season, given that Titan Gilroy is a classic TV host, passionate about what he does and proud to be a successful American businessman who survived a troubled youth.

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