Field Trip – KHS Filling and Packaging – Sarasota

100_0732   100_0726

We just came from touring a real nice local manufacturing plant in Sarasota that has been here since 1976.  KHS is part of an international company that makes machinery for packaging your everyday products like beef jerky, trail mix and more. They make custom high speed machines and also keep them up and running 24/7 out in the field.

100_0721     100_0724
They have a need for more employees and we were there to see how we could make that work out.  The apprentices also saw making different aspects of manufacturing including assembly, welding, precision sheet metal, precision machining and more.  We also got free t shirts !!  They look like a great company to work for – many long time employees, air conditioned, always training employees for more needed skills.

100_0731  100_0729

Thanks again for hosting us and to a bright future connecting Suncoast Technical College and KHS.

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