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CareerEdge has been awarded funding to address industry skill gaps in this region, as well as to address the lack of experience & barriers students face while enrolled in higher education institutions. CareerEdge is proud to announce the launch of a first-of-its-kind internship program to eliminate barriers for students while helping them obtain the necessary skills required to succeed in today’s work environments, as well as provide supplemental income while still in school.

This program will not only better equip students for the workforce, but students will also be able to network with local area employers which in turn will open doors for future opportunities. It’s difficult to seek higher education while balancing finances, families & seeking work post-employment.

A developed industry-wide internship program is a critical component for the success of students. To not only earn wages while in school but to work in the environment of their studies, putting to practice skills as they acquire them will validate the educational experience.

This program will eliminate a multitude of barriers students face during transitional training. The need for a sole-earner to earn wages putting to practice their trade versus balancing work in another area & school can be overwhelming & debilitating to ones success. Working in the field reinforces what’s being learned while providing income. A student with less stress validates their learning as they practice in the field what’s being taught in the classroom.

CareerEdge will reimburse employer up to $1,000 per student. Employer will pay a minimum $10.00/hr to participating students. Funding will be awarded through grants offered by CareerEdge once the program is completed, all tracking documents have been received, and proof of wages are submitted.

Please complete this application for funding and return to Jon Pierce, CareerEdge Program Coordinator, at or call 941.363.7233 with any questions.  All applications will be reviewed by a team of community partners to ensure the integrity of the program

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    Great readinng your blog post

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