Field Trip Time – Venice Precision and FIDE Machine

IMG_0919    IMG_0922
Our Precision Machining & CNC Automation class made some visits to local machine shops – Venice Precision and FIDE Machine both in North Venice Florida.  It was time we got out of the shop so we all can see what our goals are and what is out there.

Venice Precision , which is an “ultra Precision” machine shop , work routinely to .00001 dimensions with beryllium. That’s right and that measurement is called “millionths” . Think of your hair split into 1/100 of its thickness.  Huh ??

Bob Gredick at Venice Precision was a great host , showing our apprentices  what they  make and the CNC machinery they use  plus the CMM’s and other measurement equipment.

Everyone was very impressed. We also saw our ace graduate from last year, Sean Tierney. Sean is excelling at Venice Precision and Bob has great plans for him. Way to go Sean.


On to FIDE Machine down the street in the same industrial complex. They have a different niche. They have 6 Haas CNC machines and the largest is a VF-9 which is very big !!!  FIDE is looking for someone who can come in, take a print , write a program and produce a part. The same things we are teaching at SunCoast Technical College. We hope we can fill that need with an internship as this class nears its completion in June.  Thanks to Karl Frishe for hosting us also.

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